(Español) Territorio Javi Martínez - Conoce nuestras instalaciones


Sport facilities of Ardantze

“Javi Martinez’s Territory” will be placed, one more, at the sport facilities of Ardantze, in Ayegui, where the football field that has player’s name is placed. These facilities also have tennis and paddle courts, and a sport court to practice many different sports. These facilities are placed right next to Ayegui’s municipal swimming pool facilities that counts on different pools and a heated pool.

This closed area and for participants’ exclusive use offers a higher freedom and comfort for the kids, who will be able to easily access to all the facilities perfectly equipped for sport practice.

We are the first Glamping Football Camp in Spain, a new concept of luxury camping. The spacious tents of 36m2, are equipped with bunk beds and a big space dedicated for kid’s luggage storage. In addition, the wood floor provides maximum comfort to these spaces.

The Camp, also counts on a big tent located in the court, that will be used as dining room and other activities. Additionally, the camp will have smaller tents that will be used for classes, workshops or as a resting area.

Meals will be provided by Durban Restaurant, property of Martínez’s family, assuring a balanced diet and highest quality products.