Can they bring cell phone?

It is not allowed to bring cell phone to the Camp, in case of bringing it, the staff will be in charge of it until the end of the Camp. On the first day, the phone number of the director and the group supervisor will be provided and a daily call schedule will be established to be able to talk to the kids through the group supervisor.

How much money should they bring?

The price of the Camp includes all the expenses, so our recommendation is not to bring a high quantity of money. We recommend 20-30€ per child. The group supervisor will be charge of the money and the participants will be able to ask for the money they need each day. The last day of the Camp, the money left will be returned.

How many socks/football socks should they bring?

Laundry service is only for Camp’s clothes (shorts and t-shirt) so they will need to bring a pair of socks/football socks for each day.

Should they bring pillow?

It is not needed, since Relax, one of our sponsors gives a pillow to each child as a present.

Should they bring other football clothes?

It is not necessary, the participants will receive the official Camp clothes on the first day, and these will be used during the whole Camp. Players will count on laundry service every day.

If they go during 2 weeks, could they wash their clothes after the first week?

Yes, the participants that go to the Camp for two weeks will be able to wash the clothes they need after the first week.

How will be organized groups for trainings and tents?

Each group has between 10 and 12 kids, and structured by age and according to its football level. Tents will count on a maximum of 14 kids and will be structured according to kids’ preferences and by age.