(Español) Cuerpo técnico del Campus Javi Martínez - Profesionales del fútbol


Staff tecnico del Campus Javi Martinez


We count on high qualified staff, with big experience in the football world that will prepare specific training programs and competitions for small groups in order to benefit the learning and fun of players.

Camp Staff

Not everything is football at Javi Martinez’s Camp, our camp staff will organize different complementary activities and workshops, we do not rest a minute here!

Medical Staff

Our players will be perfectly attended 24/7 for our doctor and physiotherapist. Headaches, injuries, small wound… nothing is a problem for them!

Language teachers

Our English, German and Spanish teachers will be in charge of organizing fun and dynamic lessons for the participants to learn through games and activities so they get familiarized with these languages. They never know when they will have to use it, but ask Javi…


Our photographer follows us everywhere, capturing the best moments of Campus, during trainings, workshops, meals, night activities… creating memorable images for our players. Don’t try to hide, you will be found for sure…